U.S Election Yesterday And Today Fraud

Tonight an election in America decision country USA. American democracy has never been perfect throughout our history politicians and parties have used undemocratic often even fraudulent means to get elected. In the 19th century people would just sell their votes out right and make bank traveling from state to state being paid to vote.

Oh no election fraud was common practice well into the 20th century LBJ won his first Senate election by buying the votes of entire districts and was finally put over the top when a corrupt election worker changed a 7 to a 9. Nope to this day political parties pick the winners of Elections before they even happen. It’s a process called gerrymandering and it’s totally legal. Gerrymandering that’s a word I’ve heard and I hate it and I have no idea what it means.

Every 10 years politicians redraw the districts that pick the house and state legislatures but here’s the problem the politicians that are elected by those districts are the same politicians that redraw the district’s. It’s been insane conflict of interest because it allows political parties to choose the outcomes
Elections years in advance.

Look say that forty percent of the voters here in New State Adelphia are members of the yellow party. The yellow party believes that all gays must own guns and the other sixty percent are members of the purple party the purple party believes that all guns are gay. Now if you divided this State into districts fairly you get perfect representation three purple districts and two yellow districts seems fair it is but if the purple party is allowed to redraw the districts they can do this five purple districts and 0 yellow districts. If the yellow party is allowed to redraw the districts they can do it like this three yellow districts and two purple districts.

Even though the yellow party has less voters in New State Adelphia if they’re allowed to redraw the lines however they want they can still win and this happens every election year in America. That sounds like change oh that’s exactly what it is in 2012 Pennsylvania republicans lost the popular vote but they still 172 percent of the sits in there State by drawing weird looking districts and Maryland Democrats did the exact same thing when they drew grotesquely unfair district. Okay this is bad but maybe it’s just one of those things that comes with democracy right . Actually the only other country that has a system like this is France. like So before remember many of the results were decided before you even cast a ballot

How Prostitution Affect The State of the West

West is too wild for frail woman like me. On hand here you fraud it what’s the big idea i’m here to defend you on honor. Girls are help us out here in the West that’s a good one. Women arguably did more to develop the Western men did I no damsel in distress I’m a working girl and old bill does a good helpless woman acting I sure do Miss pearl sometime next week you got it.

Prostitution is no job for a respectable woman like you. Women like everyone else came to the West for Economic Opportunity and despite its considerable downsides prostitution was often the most lucrative line of work available to them.

If you haven’t noticed it is the eighteen hundreds and there are a lot of options for me to earn a living this is the best one I got. In fact before these women arrives Wild West towns weren’t really towns at all they were
more like work camps. Welcome y’all that’s the whole you sleeping that’s the whole you crap in and that’s the whole you die in. The men were so desperate for women they would pay just to see a pair of women’s undergarments.

So when women came West they saw a clear economic need. These boys are lacking something and I think I can provide it. Their services were in such demand many of these women need more money than the men they served and entire town sprung up around brothels. It was the influx of women that finally turned these barren camps into bustling towns.

And with all that wealth they soon became leaders of their communities first you get the land then you get the money and you get the power and they use that power to provide services the West desperately needed. Madam Milli of New Mexico used her wealth to put local children through college. Colorado madam Laura Evans provided workers compensation for injured men and sheltered victims of domestic abuse and Madame Diamond Jesse Heyman provided food and clothing with the homeless after them 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Author and historian Jane McGill Collins so it is true that the prostitution industry could be a very dangerous one because there was diseased domestic violence drug abuse but prostitutes were pioneers just like the men they served. In fact a lot of prostitutes and Madam’s were astute businesswoman being a prostitute or madam could actually give women more financial freedom here in the west and their Eastern counterparts and that
could even lead to measure of political equality and influence in the communities where they serve these men.

By 1869 women wielded did so much power in the West that Wyoming actually became the first territory to give women the right to vote. I half century before the rest of the nation did. Wyoming actually refused to become a State unless women kept that right. No we can’t have your women voting their tiny brains can handle it. We may have a stay out of the union 100 years but will come in with our women. Wow that is remarkably progressive for this era fine women and Wyoming can keep the vote. Wyoming joined the union as the Equality state and the idea soon spread the next eight States to grant women’s suffrage were all in the west and Wyoming would go on to elect the nation’s first female governor in 1924.