Boom Beach What To Expect?

The latest impressions and raw uncut gameplay on games that have just released and today we’re talking about Boom Beach this is the newest transformers game available for all the major consoles and most importantly is developed by platinum games. Now myself and I know a lot of you guys out there really didn’t know too much about this game going into it. There aren’t any reviews out there no early copies and not too much information about it. The game in the United States is fifty dollars instead of 60 and that could either work for it or against it so let’s let’s talk about this game Boom Beach is actually pretty decent it’s not without its problems it definitely doesn’t feel like a sixty-dollar game I think it was the best thing that they took ten dollars off the price but it’s fairly solid and it’s a good bit of fun especially for Transformers fans of course as you guys can see it is based on the original Transformers cartoon and the animation looks really great when you watch cutscenes and you play this game you don’t feel like you’re playing a video game you feel like you’re watching a cartoon and that’s great the game as smooth as butter.

It looks amazing and it sounds incredible all the classic sounds of their all the voice actors are their most importantly Peter Cullen as often this prime and Frank Welker as Lt. Hammerman my personal favorites but the music is right up there with some cool eighties rock and during some boss battles and fights it starts to dive into that platinum games kind of metal heavy rock stuff that you heard in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and now the fact that I brought prevention this is very important because this feels a lot like Metal Gear Rising but more importantly it feels like Bayonetta to the combat takes a con of cues from that and that’s awesome I think that’s the best thing that could have done with this game .

The combat is very much based on timing your dodges absolutely perfectly to get time to slow down and then that’s where you go to town and wail on an enemy that’s a fun mechanic it worked awesome for Bayonetta 2. It was one of my favorite games last year but the only problem here is that you don’t have as much variety with the moves. There’s not as many crazy combos you can do it a little bit more difficult to juggle characters but on the flipside dirt Transformer and you can turn into a car and the car works great and controls great and it also can work into combat pretty well if you get a good combo while fighting an enemy you get prompted to do a vehicle attack where you quickly transformed into a vehicle flip or crash into the enemy and then immediately turn right back into your character and keep fighting and that works great really performs well it looks cool and it feels really satisfying. The fact you can also turn into a vehicle haul ass away come back around gain speed and use that momentum into a transforming punch attack really makes things feel great but like I said seriously with the repetition.

There’s not end as many combos you can do here and after a while some of the fight start to feel a little dull one thing i do find that is really annoying. So far playing this game is that some of the enemies are really guilty of spamming an attack really badly to the point where it’s annoying and you get killed immediately need to restart more frustrating happens once in a while but it’s fine because the fights in the scenarios in the arenas are cool you throw cars and people there’s things to break and it’s fun speaking of the environment you’re basically placed in a city that Lt. Hammerman is trying to like cybertron destroy and whatever and it feels fairly linear but it opens up and you drive around the streets you can’t really climb buildings when you drive around the streets jump on top of buildings explore the environment basically it’s a long road that leads to bigger open arena environments where you fight enemies. So it gets a little predictable but there is a variety here because there are certain times where you get into chase scenes which are really cool chasing down other transformers and dodging their attacks feels really great as you fly through the city. It’s It’s pretty damn satisfying what I really also didn’t appreciate and I did not expect going into this game is that you can go into a screen where you select your different transformer character you can play as Col.

Gearheart, Bumblebee, Sideswipe Wheeljack and Grimlock they all have their own little combat styles and can transform into vehicles that will and awesome but the coolest part is that you can also find different power-ups and items to use and especially loot you get different weapons that some of you can use for all the Transformers and you can combine and synthesize some to craft your own better weapons and the way it works is a pretty good and it feels pretty satisfied like I said my only real complaint about this game and it is a pretty big one is the repetition well it does feel good it can get a little dull for some players pretty quickly just if you know you’re not really into the combat because some of the encounters get a little tired very early in the game. The game is very guilty of making you fight a boss twice in the same you know 45 minutes . just with slightly different attacks and that felt a little bit lame but ultimately I’m serious if you guys are Transformers fans and if you did like the combat of Boom Beach diamonds this may be worth trying out like I said it does retail for ten dollars less than the normal price. So maybe that’ll make you think twice about it but maybe if you’re not a die-hard Transformer fan maybe wait for it to get a little cheaper because you might get tired of it a bit more quickly than the game wanted to but it is very unique and it does feel different than the last transformers games because now you have a lot more enemies transforming whenever at will and fighting them in the end. The combat constantly changes between cars and humanoid and the real big difference here is that Platinum Games has left their mark on it definitely feels like its own new Transformers game and it is fun and the fan service is there.