Iphone 7 The Same Old Brand New

Everywhere no matter numbers and celebrate because it is an even-numbered year which means we can get hyped up about watching people to superhuman flips at the Olympics and then burn all that nervous energy spending hundreds of dollars on an all new iphone. The highlight of the event include the official iphone announcement and the first ever official appearance of Mario on a mobile platform.

There’s a whole lot of watch talk so we’ll try to understand the interesting parts. So for starters apple announced the iphone at a press and all the new breakthroughs engineers have like wireless audio, ontario speaker. I’ll try to keep the starter respectable level.Well the problem is everybody’s clapping invention no you didn’t it wasthere four years ago and make billions of dollars. They make software approachable it’s like Blink-182 for pumpkins. So apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller ran down a -point list of all the awesome stuff in an iphone and here’s your quick recap.Okay go ahead I’ll started with a design it’s black now an always block and it was black when it was the 3g.

So with the home button now the phone has a force-sensitive taptic engine with the haptic but tapping okay. The vibration is better than ever we guess yeah whatever who cares that. There’s the enclosure the iphone is now water and dust-resistant which I think is very clean that’s super cool. The camera now a 12 megapixel sensor which apple claims is sixty percent faster thirty percent more energy-efficient yes and you will probably can’t notice those numbers as you use the phone No so you can now get raw D&G files from the camera which is pretty cool forpeople that know what that means. More cameras the iphone 7 plus has twocameras gotta be less sarcastic a wide angle and telephoto lens which gives the iphone plus a 2x optical zoom.

That’s what some serious speakers because the iphone guess what it’s got him apple and stereo.Earpods that’s what Apple calls why don’t you talk about the Earpods on games like SimCity Buildit. Alright are you ready for earpods right now. You can only use them with an iphone yeah it makes it has uses lightning connector they got rid of the headphone jack on which after they explain it a bit made sense but they didn’t start with the best reason so the earpods are included with the iphone 7 and included adapter which is unnaturally generous for apple that’s very nice of them honestly I mean they’re trying to change the whole ecosystem.

According to apple they were the only company courageous enough to do so great. and i’ll talk about their earpods these costs hundred sixty bucks intheir bluetooth speakers. They come with a battery pack and a storage case which will recharge. Once again apple and then boot is really did is moving toApple pay are you to give up more money so apparently the iphone will include Fenica support for apple pay in Japan.This performance is the big one the iphone will use the a- fusion shipand asymmetric quad-core CPU the a-10contains two high-performance cores that apple claims are forty percent faster than a nine of the other two cores areslower which Apple positively calls high-efficiency iOS 10 will delegateapps to run on either kind of core for increased efficiency so yes your phoneis faster.It would be much easier for them probably go there is a snapchat good now.You want Mario it’s the phone now.

Some of it like you know it’s been around but it’s here now right and we came up some new stuff the cameras really good and it will cost us money know it’s there like I the one experienced you whenever there’s like. They’re selling you on a lifestyle that’s what they do they do that i can make fun of them for I know they want you to think you’re part of like an exclusive club even though there’s millions upon millions of other people with their head up their ass.

So guess what the iphone going to be affordable for everybody now right okay So it’s not more expensive than the last ones who are credit for that iphone cost $649 and plus 769 dollars for the iphones. Start on your Apple box on your Apple bank and put it on your Apple mattress that invented all those to earpods. Most people are part of a carrier least in our country right you’re going to jail today how so sighs into the box.
Color wise it’s gonna be coming in silver, gold, in rose, gold, black and jet black which is a new kind of black apple invented that as well.